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Welcome to the home of quality onsite wastewater products.

We offer a variety of accessories to protect your systems from head to toe.

Please check back with us frequently as we are constantly adding new quality products and striving for perfection in those we offer now.

Text Box: Gravity Flow Bristle Filters for residential or commercial systems, septic tanks, onsite systems, or even your pond!
Text Box: Very effective at filtering tissue, hair, lint, and other solids common to waste water.
Text Box: Sizes Available:
4 yellow
6 white
7 red
8 blue
Text Box: The Last Line of Defense for 
Pressurized Distribution Systems
Text Box: Protect the systems you install!
Protect the Environment!
Protect your customers!
Protect your reputation!
Text Box: The STF-100A2 pressure filter will:
*  Reduce total suspended solids (TSS)
*  Keep distribution holes free of debris
*  Protect with low head-loss (.5002 ft)
*  Extend the life of the distribution field
*  Pass up to 83.8 gallons per minute @ 1PSI
*  Be easy to install and service
*  Protect from system abuse
*  Protect from improper system maintenance
*  Satisfy your customers
Text Box: For higher volume applications use the STF-100A2 in a manifold or the STF-100A4. 
Text Box: Optional socks can filter smaller particles 

See why every pressurized distribution field should have our pressure filter!

TruCore Sludge Sampler
Say no to the Sludge Judge

TruCore Sludge Sampler

Get true core samples of sludge with this large straight through design.

See a demonstration of the TruCore Sludge Sampler

See why no other sampler compares!

Text Box: NEW Sure-Set Guide Corners
for sectional tank installation.
Easily keep your tank sections inline during installation to ensure proper alignment.  Guides sections reducing the bouncing, swinging, etc. of tank sections that can compromise sealant placement during installation.

Watch a video of the Sure-Sets
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