Reliability: Because the STF-100 pressure filter is installed on the pressure side of the effluent pump, it is difficult for the internal filter mechanism to become clogged. The inherent design of effluent pumps create an on-and-off scrubbing action caused by shock waves as the effluent pump works. This scrubbing action is strongest near the pump, this is why the STF-100 wastewater filter is attached directly to the pressure side of the effluent pump.

The high flow rates and low pressure requirements of the STF-100 effluent filter are achieved by a large filter area with over 40% of the filter screen being open. The STF-100 pressure filter flows over 80 gallons per minute, so even a partially contaminated wastewater filter will keep virtually any pressurized distribution system functioning properly.

Pressure Filters

US Patent #5,885,452

Can. Patent# 2,237,751

The last line of defense!

Don’t leave your system vulnerable!

Watch the video at the bottom of the page!

Some Benefits of the Sim/Tech Pressure Filter

· Protects pressurized systems from costly repairs

· Lowers total suspended solids (TSS)

· Keeps distribution holes free of debris & extends drain field life

· Protects without high head-loss, only .21 psi (about half a foot)

· Easy to service, a five minute job from start to finish

· Easy to install

· Low maintenance due to vortex scrubbing action and open area

· Last line of defense, protecting no matter where solids are introduced

· Can be used in a manifold configuration to handle almost any flow-rate

How the Sim/Tech Pressure Filter Works

The above picture shows the STF-100 pressure filter as it would be mounted on the discharge port of an effluent pump.  This mounting location is one of the main reasons the unit can function for long intervals before maintenance is required.

The picture above illustrates the vortex scrubbing action associated with the mounting location of the filter.

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Detail Drawings

Click here to see the pressure filter accessories listed below.

Pressure alarm switch for detecting the pressure on the inlet side of the pressure filter.

Alert with latching light for audible and visual warning of a filter requiring service.

Optional socks for finer filtration.

Lid & screen removal tools to make service of deep tank installations easier.

Extra parts such as filter screens, filter caps, unions, and filter cap gaskets.

The Sim/Tech pressure filter is extremely effective in providing protection for all pressurized distribution systems.  If you need to protect a pressurized system from suspended solids, the  STF-100 series filter can perform the job. 

Most pressurized wastewater distribution systems such as mound systems are very effective in treating effluent. In pressurized systems the effluent or gray water is pumped from the holding or pump chamber of the septic system out to the drain field by a low pressure effluent pump. The drain field is where the problems show up. The lateral piping in the drain field has many small holes to drain the gray water. These holes can be as small as 1/8", as you might imagine, it doesn't take a lot of contaminants to plug the drain holes. With each hole that becomes plugged the efficiency of the pressure distribution system falls, until the system eventually fails.

Many of these systems only partially fail over a long period of time, causing contamination of ground water long before the system shows any visible signs of distress.

Placing an effluent filter just before entering the forced main of the pressurized septic system is a simple solution. The pressure filter installs by simply threading onto the discharge port of any effluent pump, thereby, filtering out contaminants before they enter the distribution system or drain field.

The SIM/TECH STF-100 effluent filter has been designed to assure that the small holes in the distribution piping remain unclogged. The filter system is unique to the industry, engineered to provide maximum protection for your sanitary pressure system.

Ease of Use: The pressure filter assembly is installed and serviced in a matter of minutes, making this product unique to the industry. The STF-100 pressure filter easily threads onto the discharge port of any effluent pump. Also available is a uniquely designed, fully adjustable pressure switch that indicates when the effluent filter needs servicing. The pressure switch can be wired with its own alarm or connected in with the high level alarm. On the occasion when a filter does need cleaning, it can be removed easily, washed clean of debris and contaminants then reinstalled in the pressure filter assembly. The entire process takes only minutes.

The STF-100 effluent filter, with it's unique design and mounting location, allows the filtering screen to be scrubbed while in operation, providing maximum maintenance intervals with unmatched performance capabilities. The filter screen is a type 347 stainless steel with .062 diameter holes. It is 3 inches in diameter and 18 inches long with a 69.52 square inch open area. This large 41% open area allows the filter to pass 83.8 gallons per minute at 1 psi. With features like these even a partially clogged screen will keep the system well protected and working properly. This performance product assures quality effluent with lower TSS levels, keeping your pressurized distribution system functioning at 100% efficiency.  Optional filter socks are available for use with the screen to filter down to 600, 190, or 100 microns (.024”, .007”, .004”).

The STF-100 pressure filter has been designed as an effluent filtering device for pressurized distribution systems. The STF-100 pressure filter protects any pressurized distribution system including Sanitary Mound Systems, Sand Filters, Spray Irrigation Systems, Drip Systems, Pressurized Chambered Systems, Commercial Pressurized Systems or any Pump Septic System, Wastewater Treatment Systems or Residential Pressurized Systems. The STF-100 effluent filter should be used as a safe guard component in all pressurized septic systems. 


Introducing the new high volume pressure filter for systems that have horizontal space issues.  Previously, to accommodate higher flows, multiple STF-100 filters could be put together into a manifold.  Now Sim/Tech offers a new alternative, the STF-100A4.  The purpose of the 100A4 is to use the vertical space of the pump chamber.  The filter is rated at about 250 gallons per minute at 2 psi.  It measures about 7-1/2” at its widest point and is 42-1/2” tall before you add your desired length of tail piece piping and threaded coupler to attach it to your pump.  The inlets and outlets are 4”.  The filter screen inside is composed of 2 of the standard screens stacked on top of each other.  The filtering area is therefore twice that of one of the standard screens.  Now, even if you lack the space to put in multiple 2” filters there is the STF-100A4 to handle your commercial size flow requirements.

The STF-100A2 is the field assemble version.  The only difference is that the STF-100A2 does not come with the 2” schedule 80 union or the 2” glued in pipe.

The STF-100 is the job ready version.

The two pictures above show the optional socks that are available for finer filtration.

Text Box: Socks

Watch the Sim/Tech Pressure Filter Video

The STF-100A4 for use in high volume applications where horizontal space is an issue.


Previously all of our pressure filters came with a stainless steel filter screen installed.  Sim/Tech now offers a plastic filter screen version as a more economical option.  This new screen is equivalent to the stainless steel screen when using our filter socks.  The filter socks must be used when using this new plastic filter screen.

Stainless Steel Filter Screen with filter sock installed

Plastic Filter Screen with filter sock installed

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Watch the Sim/Tech Pressure Filter Demonstration

How to adjust the optional Pressure Switch

Without a filter, the debris captured here would have went into the distribution field.

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