Sim/Tech Filter introduces a new cut off saw for 24 ultra-rib pipe.

The new cut off saw accurately cuts off pipe in a horizontal or vertical position. Not only do you get a straight & even cut, but you can cut it flush to grade after the ultra-rib pipe has been backfilled. The saw features a 5.8 Amp motor and carbide tipped blade. It will cut a 24 pipe off in approximately 15 seconds. Two models are currently available. One to cut ultra-rib pipe made by PW Eagle (STF-URCO-SAW-pwe) and one to cut ultra-rib pipe made by Ipex (STF-URCO-SAW-ipex) .

We are currently working on a double wall corrugated saw as well, if you are interested please let us know.

Do you use ultra-rib pipe as a riser?

Need to get an even cut?

Our ultra-rib cutoff saw can do it in 15 seconds!

Pipe/Riser Saws & Connectors

Need an easy way to connect two 24 ultra-rib pipe risers together?

Try out our connector ring STF-URC24!

The STF-URC24 connector ring fits on the inside diameter of 24 ultra rib pipe. A 3/8 bead of pliable adhesive applied to each corner cove of the ring will work best. After insertion of the ring into one riser the second riser slips over the ring. As simple as that you have extended your ultra-rib riser.

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