Segmented Risers

Do you need strength?

Do you lack storage space?

Do you need options?

Are you tired of risers warping after backfilling?

Tired of uneven cuts preventing a good cover seal?

Our 24 diameter x 8 tall modular riser stands up to back filling and more. And because it is sold in three segments that are assembled when needed it only takes up a quarter of the storage space of a comparable sized riser. It has 9 flat surfaces and 51 drillable dimples for access and options. It can be cut down to 2 or 4 heights and is stackable to virtually any height. It can be easily precast into concrete tanks or used with an adapter ring to install onto an existing tank. They are also perfect for use as distribution centers, meter pits and containment rings.

The picture on the left shows a visual comparison of the space saving attributes of the Sim/Tech Riser. A case of Sim Tech risers (24x23x9) holds enough riser segments to build a 24 diameter riser that is 32 tall. Now a large riser can easily fit in a truck for transportation, even in the cab.

Also available are security nets . These nets remain in place, preventing accidental entry at all times, even during pumping. Pumping hoses can be inserted through webbing and optional quick links can allow for a larger opening to be created for pump removals, etc. Currently available for 16 to 36 risers.

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24 Riser

Adapter Ring

Dove tail joints lock segments together

Three segments join to make a complete 24 round x 8 tall riser section.

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