Security Nets

In addition to your own personal safety, please keep the safety of others in mind when installing and servicing septic tanks, pump chambers, etc.  Help prevent the tragic situations that have occurred in the past.

Even with the many improvements made to covers, they can still be compromised in a number of ways, allowing accidental injuries and deaths to occur.  Please remember to secure covers when installing or servicing systems.  Any time an access area is opened, it should be protected to prevent accidental entry when unsupervised.  Remember it only takes a few seconds of distraction for an accident to happen.  At other times covers may be tampered with by unauthorized individuals, allowing for the most dangerous of situations, an open access with virtually no supervision.  It is a lot easier for this situation to transpire if some or all of the screws are missing from the cover simply because someone forgot them or lost them and didn’t take the time to replace them.  So please make sure that all the screws are in place before wrapping up at the job-site.  Please also inspect covers to ensure their integrity.  Over time, covers can become weakened, especially those made of materials that are prone to degradation by exposure to UV rays or extreme climate conditions.

The best prevention can be provided by a properly fitting cast iron cover, on a sturdy riser with a safety net or grating installed in the riser.  Cast iron covers are not easily removed (over 65lbs) by children even if all of the screws are missing.  Also, they are unaffected by UV rays and weather conditions that can compromise other covers.  Safety nets can be supplied that allow pumping of septic tanks while in place.  This means that the access is protected from accidental entry even when open and not supervised.  If the cover is removed for some other unauthorized reason, the safety net provides secondary protection from accidental or unauthorized entry.  Also, poorly constructed, weak risers can become distorted during or after installation, causing covers to fit poorly and creating an opportunity for an accident to occur.

             The onsite waste water industry is continually changing.  More and more systems are being brought to grade to meet these changes.  This will increase the contact between people and the accesses to those systems.  If we take a conscientious approach to this situation we can help to prevent the correlating increase of accidental and sadly unfortunate injuries and deaths that can occur.

A Safety Reminder

Sim/Tech Filter offers security nets for risers up to 30”.  The STF-N24 is designed to fit 18” to 24” risers, STF-N30 is designed to fit 24” to 30” risers while the STF-N36 is designed to fit 30” to 36”.  They attach with eye bolts so they will work for most risers.  These nets provide protection from accidental or unauthorized entry into tanks.  They stay in place at all times.  This is a key feature as even the most secure cover is removed for system maintenance.  If a service technician is distracted or needs to leave the access area for some reason the access is vulnerable to accidental entry.  The net protects the access during these times as well.  There is no impact on the service, pump hoses can be inserted through the web.  Optional quick links (STF-QLINK) are also available for instances where a larger opening is needed such as for pump removal.  Up to four can be added to the security net when ordering. 

24/7 protection from accidental and unauthorized entry

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Net Install Instructions


Below is a 24” net installed in a Sim/Tech Riser.  Shown in these pictures is a 4” diameter pipe inserted into an opening.  These openings allow about a 5” diameter access.  The standard net also comes with 2 quick links that can be temporarily disconnected to allow for pumps or other large items to pass through the net.  Shown in the picture on the left is a standard residential size effluent pump sitting in the opening created by the quick link disconnection.  If you require a larger opening more quick links can be added as depicted in the picture on the right.


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