Orifice Shields

Sim/Tech Orifice Shields

Why use orifice shields?

Sim/Tech Filter orifice shields are designed to protect the discharge holes in pressurized systems from the outside.  Most of these systems are designed with specific flow-rates, pressure heads, etc. to obtain “even distribution” in the drain field and thus allow for proper treatment.  Much like our pressure filter prevents debris from obstructing the discharge holes from the inside, our orifice shields prevent blockage on the outside.  As shown in the top picture to the left, drain media can block the small discharge holes, throwing the whole design and operation of a system out of whack.  The bottom picture to the left shows our standard orifice shield installed on the lateral piping of a system.  The orifice shield creates a protective void between the drain media and the discharge hole.  The design allows the discharge hole to spray effluent into the shield where the much larger open area of the shield keeps the hole discharging at its designed flow rate.

Why use Sim/Tech Filter Orifice Shields?

What factors make Sim/Tech Filter orifice shields the right choice?  They have a large open area, 9 inches of gripping surface and a simple, but very effective design. 

The large open area of the interior of the shield prevents it from becoming easily blocked if you are not using a Sim/Tech pressure filter on your system.  There is also a large open area for allowing effluent to drain from the shield.  There are various slots depending upon the configuration you desire and both ends of the shield also have open area for drainage.

The shield is snapped on the distribution piping and the 9 inches of gripping surface help it to remain in place during and after backfilling.  It can also be glued if desired.

There are no moving parts to clog or fail.  It is very easy to place the shield over the discharge hole and no part of the shield that can block the discharge hole.

Sim/Tech Filter currently offers two orifice shield designs.  The STF-106D is designed for systems that have discharge holes that point down.  It also  provides a solid surface in the middle to diffuse effluent spray for situations where erosion may be of concern such as drain holes in a pressurized chamber system.  The STF-106TDS is designed for systems that have discharge holes that point up.  Both versions of the Sim/Tech Filter orifice shield are available in four different sizes to fit the pipe sizes 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4” & 1-1/2” and 2”.  A 3” size is also available as a special custom order.

To see more on Sim/Tech orifice shields go to our “Pressure Filters” page and watch the video at the bottom of the page.

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