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SIM/TECH Filter, Inc. believes in sharing our knowledge of the onsite industry to help others.  Our main mission is to provide quality products that use this knowledge to protect onsite systems, make them more efficient and easier to maintain.  SIM/TECH is located in Boyne City, a small town in northern Michigan.  SIM/TECH evolved from a family business, Koteskey Bros Excavating, which performs installations and service on onsite systems as well as other excavation work.  This background and the fact that we still are involved in this work today allows us to approach onsite problems from the perspective of an installation and service company.  We use the products we make, giving us first hand feedback on their performance.  This helps us to make improvements and develop new products that work well in real life situations.  While SIM/TECH designs are intended to be “simple technology” we do not cut any corners and we do our best to offer unique solutions for problem jobs.

Although we are a relatively new company we are not new comers to the wastewater industry.  Co-founders Gary and Arnold Koteskey and Gene Brooks, had been installers and site consultants for twenty years prior to SIM/TECH.  The frequency with which they were digging up and replacing fields on newly engineered systems was on the increase.  Aware that pressure systems and new technology were the wave of the future they realized that something had to be done.

Not wanting to be left behind, they started to research the ever abundant failing pressure systems.  What they found seems very evident and obvious now, but eluded the industry for years.  Pressure systems have smaller discharge holes than the more traditional gravity systems.  Cucumber and tomato seeds, lint, debris and biological slough from the system itself, are all capable of plugging a pressure system.  It takes only a tablespoon of contaminates to close half the holes in a standard pressure system.  Septic tank filters work well for gravity systems with larger holes but they do not stop all of the smaller material that can plug a pressure system.

Why were no filters engineered into pressure systems?  There were none.  Safe guarding components were not used or available for the new pressure type systems.  This laid the foundation for SIM/TECH.  After years of research, development, and testing SIM/TECH developed and manufactured the industry's first pressure system filter, the STF-100.

The STF-100 filter provides a last line of defense for the distribution field with little head loss (.5002 ft).  The unit is comprised of a stainless steel screen inside of a pressure rated filter body.  The screen has .062” holes and there are currently 600 (.024”), 150-190 (.007”), and 100 (.004”) micron socks available for finer filtration.  Because the filter is mounted on the outlet of the pump, the filter screen or screen/sock combination are scrubbed by the vortex created during the operation of the pump.  This provides for maximum maintenance intervals.  The screen is able to pass 83.8 gallons per minute at 1 psi when clean and even if 95% plugged it is still able to pass 79.8 gallons per minute at 1.8 psi.  For typical systems the filter should be serviced every 50,000 gallons.  For larger volume systems, multiple filters can be used to increase the maintenance interval.  Maintenance is a five minute job.  If using only the screen, simply remove, rinse and replace.  If using a sock, simply remove the old sock and replace with a new one.  There are many potential pitfalls for pressurized systems during design, installation, use and service and the STF-100 prevents the serious damage to the distribution field that can result.

We didn't stop with the pressure filter though - Orifice Shields were developed to protect discharge holes, Clean Out Sweeps, Float Tree Brackets, Tools for servicing, Alarms, Passive Septic Tank Filters, Risers and Lids, the list goes on and continues to grow.  Today, SIM/TECH is a rapidly expanding company dedicated to the design of environmentally, responsible, cost effective, solutions to residential and commercial systems.

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