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Introducing the TruCore

Sludge Sampler

Sim/Tech Filter introduces the TruCore for core sampling of wastewater and other fluids. The design of the unit allows samples to be taken without creating the excessive turbulence often associated with standard samplers. Because there are no restrictions caused by valves, stoppers, flaps, etc., fluid is allowed to flow freely and virtually undisturbed into the sampling tube creating a true core sample of the contents of the tank. It also has a huge sampling capacity compared to other sludge core samplers on the market. With an inside diameter of 1-3/8 the capacity per foot is almost 10 ounces. Use the Sim/Tech Filter TruCore for more accurate and easier sampling. No more need to judge your sludge, use a TruCore.

TruCore Sludge Sampler
Say no to the Sludge Judge

The TruCore Advantages


 Accurate sampling, virtually without turbulence

 Samples can be taken quickly

 Inside diameter of 1-3/8 has a huge sampling

capacity of almost 10 ounces per foot

 Easy to collect sample and easy to release sample

 Takes good samples, even in thicker sludge

 Easy to clean, straight-thru tube design

 Marked every foot

 Replaceable gasket

 Can be extended

 Case included

TruCore Sludge Sampler
Say no to the Sludge JudgeTruCore Sludge Sampler
Say no to the Sludge Judge

2-piece unit and case

Extension Kit

The extension kit is designed to allow any 1-1/4 pvc pipe to act as an extension for the TruCore sampler up to an additional 8 feet. Custom lengths are available upon request if a longer extension is required.

Now also available as a 2-piece unit

The 2-piece unit is available with or without the case. It works the same as the standard unit, but it breaks down into two 4 foot sections to allow for easier transport in smaller vehicles.

Extension Kit

See a demonstration of the TruCore

See how the Extension Kit Works

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